Three Tips to Make Yourself More Innovative

Lightbulb in Middle of Crumpled Papers

Lightbulb in Middle of Crumpled PapersBuilding a fruitful and meaningful career isn’t always easy. Yes, there will be challenges, but if you keep your eyes on the prize, the process may become quite bearable. If you’re really into it, you shouldn’t make room for complacency. Complacency is like a pit where you get comfortable. And comfort can be a dangerous thing.

Keep things interesting. Battle complacency with innovation. This sounds hard, but again, keeping your eyes on the prize will help you become more focused. Below are some of the things that will help you become more innovative, as approved by a reliable provider of career consulting services.

Engage in More Play

Play is the mother of invention. When you engage with more playful ideas, you’ll realise that there are actually a million life-changing ideas that are always left overlooked; they’re like the elephant in the room. Take a break from work. Go on a holiday. Read more books. Play video games. Pursue your passion. These are just some of the ways you get more playtime.

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Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Questions lead to answers. But stupid and impossible questions lead to inventions and innovations. How do you think PayPal and SpaceX come to life? Elon Musk must have asked a lot of dumb questions. Don’t discount your crazy and highly imaginative ideas; discount those who say that these ideas can’t happen.

Be Stupid

One of the greatest dangers people can think of is thinking that they know everything. If you think that you know everything, you’ll stop asking questions. You’ll stop engaging with ideas. Accept the fact that you’re stupid—that your mind needs more ideas and answers.

Ditch complacency at all costs. It’s time to bring your innovation and ideas into life. Believe in your thoughts!