Privacy Policy

This privacy statement covers our method of collecting, processing, and using your personal information when you visit our site. Please read every section of this page thoroughly to know how to keep your private details and background secure while browsing CCWNetwork.

Personally Identifiable Information

We will only gather your private information if you decide to share it with us willingly. If you choose to provide it, you can be rest assured it would be used for these purposes alone:

  • Send you updates and news about our site
  • Process your requests
  • Reply to your messages on our site

CCWNetwork may get in touch with you to clarify your query, comment, or suggestion. You can rely on us not to distribute your credentials to third party websites or organizations.

Other Vital Information

We also collect the following pieces of information when you visit our site:

  • Visited pages
  • Browser used
  • Internet domain
  • Access time and date
  • IP address of the computer used

Understand these bits of information do not necessarily identify you personally. The reason we gather these data is to properly monitor and measure our traffic, improve the performance of our pages, and analyze online trends.


CCWNetwork does not use web cookies that can track your online activities.

Links Provided on CCWNetwork

We feature useful links on our site to enhance your experience. You can use these references to find the information you need, but keep in mind that other sites can have different guidelines when it comes to the collection of visitor information. CCWNetwork does not take responsibility for the practices third party organizations implement. We strongly encourage you to read their privacy statement to protect your personal information.