Not Just For Uber: Here Are More Ways GPS Helps Society

car with GPS system

car with GPS systemGPS or global positioning systems are like maps that can speak to you about where you are and where to go. It allows for collaborative efforts among people at once via a wireless connection, usually the internet. So, if someone doesn’t know where they are or where to go, they can ask help from others who are connected to the GPS. Here are some industries that rely on GPS to do their daily operations.


Whether it’s jamming simulators or other GPS tools, the aerospace industry needs global positioning systems to guide pilots who are manning airplanes accurately. Navigating the air can be tricky since have to note what’s above and below you, as compared to being on land where you only need to know your north, east, west, and south directions.


Today’s drivers have a GPS tool in their vehicles that they can access whenever they need directions. The tool has a screen that shows a map with a rendering of the car and its surrounding buildings. The GPS tool then shows arrows pointing in the desired direction. If you’ve ever used ride-sharing or carpooling like Uber, you’ve probably seen the driver use this.

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GPS also has its military applications, because it can guide soldiers or marines on where potential threats are. Jamming or intentionally blocking GPS signals to cut off communication among groups is a tactic that is used for offense. This could come as unexpectedly, but GPS can help people prepare for it through the use of tools like jamming simulators.

Variety Of Applications

GPS helps a lot of today’s industries navigate their way through the land, air, or water. They are thus an innovation that revolutionized how we treat maps and directions. Thanks to the internet, GPS allows people to communicate and work together in locating something and going somewhere.