Night Owls: Here’s How to Make Mornings Easier

Woman getting up in the morningAre you always late for work or school? Often find yourself foregoing breakfast because you don’t have enough time in the morning? You could vastly improve your morning routine with just a few tweaks. Here’s how.

1. Open with morning music.

There’s nothing like mood-bolstering music to get you moving in the morning. The urge to sing out or dance through your morning playlist can work wonders to your mood. Make good use of your smartphone and create a morning playlist.

Improve the experience by connecting your phone to a portable speaker with Bluetooth, blasting the music all over the house. With this, you can take the music even to the shower without worries.

2. Get a programmable coffee maker.

Another good way to perk you up in the morning would be a coffee maker that prepares the coffee for you. When pre-set, you’ll find yourself waking up to the sweet smell of coffee as soon as you wake up, adding a boost of energy to your system.

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3. Prepare the night before.

Do not waste precious minutes sifting through your wardrobe to find clothes to wear for that day. Instead, lay them out at night before you go to sleep. This way, all you have to do is put them on after you get out of the shower.

4. Brave a cold shower.

No one likes a cold shower—but did you know that it is good for the skin and prevents colds? It also beneficial in that it prompts you to speed up that shower so you don’t wile away precious minutes.

Of course, keep in mind that a faster morning routine means waking up alert and refreshed in the first place. Make a point of getting your full eight hours of sleep so your morning routine will work out flawlessly.