Marketing Without Intelligence: How This Affects Your Success

Marketing Without Intelligence

Marketing Without IntelligenceBusiness never sleeps. If some people think that is not true, it might be because they don’t realize that consumers’ tastes are being shaped even when your store is closed. This should give any retailer a timely jolt—shape up or risk being shipped out.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to succeeding in retail. But, not keeping your eye on key market data could be business suicide.

Information is Power

The right information matters. A quick look on how Nokia floundered emphasizes this point. It might seem highly unlikely that the most dominant player in the mobile industry will remain at the sidelines. Today, the Finnish company is but a shadow of its past glory, unable to capitalize on the rise of smartphones.

Though your retail store may not cater to a global audience, being able to maximize on needed retail data is most beneficial. In this regard, your quest for relevant information should start with your door: foot traffic.

Eye on the Consumer

Measuring the number of visits to your store through comprehensive people count software allows you to refine your marketing more than just compiling sales data. While sales can be a good indication on how well you’re doing, it falls short in telling the whole story. People counting, otherwise known as traffic intelligence, reveals the sales conversion against the number of people who visited your store.

Through this, it will be easier to tweak your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you get a fair idea of how traffic loss can be related to your competitor’s aggressive marketing. This allows you to adjust your workforce to cater to peak hours, drawing better operational efficiency. In turn, you can save a lot and do away with costly over-staffing.

Traffic intelligence is your valuable third-eye, giving your marketing greater chances to succeed. It’s an assurance that your business will grow as much as you want it to.