Home Automation Technologies: How Foolproof is Digital Security

CCTVSecurity doesn’t discriminate.

Whether you have plenty of valuables lying around in your house or not, nobody wants to expose themselves to preventable domestic troubles such as break-ins. If you still rely on conventional security methods, you know too well that it’s simply not a good enough measure today. With the grudgingly unsafe environment and the violent crimes taking place each year, everybody faces a serious threat each day.

With this realization, security companies have gone above and beyond the traditional padlocks, doorknobs, trapdoors, and introduced Digital Home Security Systems.

North Star Home shares fresh and great-to-know information about home security platforms.

A Personal In-house Police

Home security is a system of interworking features integrated into electronic devices for easy management and access. A typical home security system includes:

  • The central control panel
  • Versatile sensors for doors, windows, and other entry points
  • Motion sensors for an all-around detection
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Automated siren or alarms
  • Precautionary stickers and signs
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The Interrelating Parts

At a glance, a home security system may seem like a very sophisticated machinery, but it follows quite a straightforward and foolproof concept: entry points.

An absolute way to prevent unknown and unwanted elements from your home is by securing the entry points or the openings where burglars and criminals might access. As such, different sensors that communicate with the main control panel are usually located in a convenient location near the entry points.

What Happens in an Intrusion?

How your security responds to a break-in depends on what system you’re using. Typically, there are professionally monitored systems that notify a monitoring company in case of a possible illegal entry.

Along with the classic high-decibel alarm distress sounds, trained security personnel will attempt to contact you via the control panel or provided emergency number to verify if you accidentally triggered the alarm. If no such premises apply, the monitoring company will notify the appropriate emergency respondents in your residence. This includes the police, firefighters, and medical personnel teams.

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Digital home security systems provide the peace of mind and autonomy over your house without the need for physical interaction. Although it doesn’t guarantee that a house won’t become a subject to security threats, it raises the bar higher regarding accountability and transparency.