Flash Slowly Overshadows HDD Storage, Experts Say

HDDFlash technology is steadily becoming the new normal storage alternative to hard disk drive in data centers, according to experts at the Flash Memory Summit. They explain that 80% of the storage systems produced by the leading companies combine both flash and HDD features.

Performance Benefits Over HDD

Speakers at the summit noted that flash technology has clear advantages over the traditional hard drive disk storage. Among its notable edges are faster access to data as measured in IOPS, higher bandwidth as gauged in bytes per second, better CPU performance, lower latency, and lesser energy consumption.

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Potential Risks Involved

Despite its clear benefits over HDD, running a flash storage system in a test lab environment is still necessary, especially for companies new to the technology. Even if it’s going mainstream, it doesn’t mean it’s safe from unexpected issues.

Dermartek president, Dennis Martin, explained that planning ahead is important. He added that companies should take into account the processing power of servers, the applications being deployed, and many other relevant factors.