Avoid Hitting a Live Wire in Your Walls

Avoiding Live Wire in Your WallsDetecting electrical wiring in the walls can be challenging. You will need to exactly to know the various appliances and the corresponding outlets and wirings. It is advisable to know where the circuit breakers are located for the wiring of your home. To find the wire inside the walls, you will want to know a method which is non-invasive. There are certain tools including electrical wire finders to help you trace and locate the wiring without damaging the walls.

  • During remodelling

There are many circumstances when you will need to know the layout of the electrical wiring in your home. When you remodel or renovate your home, it helps if you know where the wires are located. If you want to create new power outlets for a new electrical appliance or home theater systems then knowing the blueprint of the electrical wiring in your home will help. Without the layout plans, you might break a live and get injured in the process or cause damage to your property.

  • Wire finders

There is a range of devices which can help you detect the wiring in the walls. A magnetic or electrical wire finder can trace presence of the electrical wire in the walls. The electrical finder let the user know the presence of the wires with the help of a sound or light. These finders can also detect wires behind the walls or placed deep inside the walls. 

  • Other devices

Once you find the wires, the voltage detectors can be of great use to you, as they can let you check if the wires are live or not. You can also use the circuit testers to detect the voltage in the wires. The other devices include audible voltage detectors, probes, tone generators, and much more. The tone generators can trace the live wire in a tangle of wires and make a sound when it identifies the live wire.

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Some of these tools are expensive and suitable for professionals. However, there are others which are inexpensive and also very effective.