An Overview of Australia’s High Demand for 5G Mobile Apps

Man using mobile phone

Man using mobile phoneApple devices are popular nowadays. It is undeniable that owning them can evoke a sense of prestige. After all, they can be very expensive. The need for iOS mobile application development in Australia will be more noticeable once new 5G handsets are released into the market.

A study indicated a pent-up demand in the country for 5G models among 50 per cent of smartphone users, who currently use premium units. Their decision to postpone new purchases likely influenced the sales of smartphones in recent months.

Operating System

Australians bought 4.3 million smartphones between January and June, down from 4.4 million in the year-ago period. This may change over the next 18 months, as many anticipate the 5G breakthrough. As early as now, brands should start reviewing how their mobile apps will perform for the new type of handset.

Android phones still dominated the market with 53 per cent of sales, yet Apple remained the leading manufacturer of smartphones. If you are thinking about expanding your app development beyond mobile handsets, you should consider creating new versions for smartwatches. First-half sales surged 80 per cent to 680,000 units, mostly consisting of Apple Watches.

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Useful Apps

Mobile apps not only expand your branding initiative but also engage your target market in patronising your products through a reliable payment system. Many companies have launched their payment apps for both Android and iOS.

For instance, Starbucks gets 13 per cent of transactions through its payment app, while 10.3 per cent of Domino’s pizza orders originate from its own app as well at 6 p.m. alone. Convenience serves as the main reason behind launching your own payment app. Customers are more likely to buy a product from their phones if they already see a secure and fast way of paying for it at the same time.

When choosing a mobile app developer, decide whether you want them to specialise in Android or iOS. You should look for one as soon as possible, especially now that the holidays are just a few months away.