The 5 Most Common Threats to Your Business Data

data security

data securityData is among the most important assets of any business, so protecting it is a priority. Theft can take place without the suspicion of security and network personnel. It’s important for IT systems to take action immediately to prevent any suspicious behavior. advises that hiring advanced technology services is ideal, but knowing the most common threats can also give you an advantage. Here are some examples:

1. Environmental – Most power outages happen during severe weather conditions, such as earthquakes and typhoons. This might cause your networks and servers to go offline for an extended time. If you don’t have a backup or an emergency power supply, you’ll have to wait until everything settles down.

2. Technical Failure – Disconnecting the cables accidentally, such as pulling or tripping over them, can lead to external damage to the terminal that stores, processes, and transmits information. This can also corrupt all or a specific piece of data, making them useless and inaccessible.

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3. Unauthorized Users –You may have firewalls and intrusion-detection systems, but the biggest risks could come from your staff. It’s possible to protect confidential information, like human resource documents and payroll, from external users, but employees who have direct access to such can change or even copy your data.

4. Malware – Any computer device that has access to the Internet is prone to online threats, like adware and Trojan viruses. By simply clicking a suspicious link, for instance, you could be giving hackers access to everything in your data storage.

5. Data Storage – An off-site data server saves space and doesn’t need much maintenance, allowing you to make the most out of your location and operations. This can still be under threat, however, if the company you chose neglects their privacy and security measures.

Protecting your data is like protecting your entire business. Don’t wait for theft or corruption to happen before you make a move. Know the threats beforehand, and talk to professionals who can offer the right solutions.

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